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A guide to engineering standards at CSULB

Educational Resources for Standards


History of ASME codes and standards, benefits of standards, the development process including a d 32-page booklet for students, how ASME codes and standards are used, and an introductory self-study course titled ASME Standards ABC.


ASTM International - Students & Professors:

Educational materials for students and instructors on introductory standards topics and a professor's toolkit.


IEEE Standards University:

Freely available content and fee-based resources for students, faculty members, and professionals including a self-paced standards MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), short case studies from professors on using standards in the classroom. Students and faculty can apply for grant funding to design projects that incorporate standards.


Intellectual Property (IP) Shield Standards Education:

Free,  and fee-based courses using short video case studies relating standards to on-the-job scenarios and a self-paced, online course (60 minutes) relating standards to real-world uses in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) areas.


ISO Consumers and Standards: Partnership for a Better World Learning Module:

A freely available, read-through learning module providing an introduction to standards with a focus on consumer interests including standards. Self-assessment review questions are incorporated throughout the module.


NIST Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program Awardees:

A NIST program funding freely available projects that integrate standards education into the curricula.


Northwestern Standards Management - Strategic Standards Management:

Standards teaching resources with a primary focus on business topics, such as innovation, supply chain, smart systems, and sustainability.


University of Pittsburgh Information Technology Standards Education Resources:

This site provides standards education resources with a focus on information technology.

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