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A guide to engineering standards at CSULB

Specs and Prototypes

Many companies, universities, and research facilities have made their prototypes for personal protective equipment, medical equipment, and other resources available for free online to promote innovation and enable others to manufacture similar devices.  

Disclaimer: These links have been provided for information purposes only. We have not verified that these designs meet safety and design criteria, so please check the standards and laws relevant for your jurisdiction.  For example: 


Information on the #PPEdrive for GTA hospitals, including specifications and files for visors and face masks

Specification and Prototype Collections:

NIH 3D print exchange

An online forum to upload and share 3D printable devices. Prototypes that meet applicable US standards will be designated as "Clinically Reviewed" - please ensure standards adherence in the jurisdiction you are designing for.


Some software providers have provided longer trial periods or increased access to their software to make it easier to work remotely and encourage innovation. 


Guidance and Resources: