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Covid 19's Impact on Business


Use the following proprietary databases to find reports and insights on COVID-19 and industries.

How to find IBIS World Coronavirus insights: 

1. Click the link for My IBISWorld, which is on the top of the IBISWorld front page in between the Home and About Us links.

2. On My IBISWorld there is a banner that says "IBISWorld's analysis on the potential global impacts of the coronavirus." Click on Learn More.

3. Explore! Some highlights include the Exposure Analysis Tool and the Latest Articles section, which includes webinars, analysis insights, and coronavirus insights. 

To find reports on the impact of coronavirus on business using, simply search click the database link for and then search coronavirus in the search box on front page. This will take you to a search results page consisting of industry outlooks reports that touch on coronavirus. also puts out a weekly blog, where you can find information on Coronavirus and business. To find this blog, scroll down to the bottom of the front page and you will see a link to their latest blog post in addition to a link to view more blog posts.