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Special Collections & University Archives: Syllabi

Special Collections and University Archives is located on the 3rd Floor (Room 300) of the Library.

Syllabi FAQ for Faculty and Departments

CSULB University Archives
Frequently Asked Questions about Syllabi – Fall 2022


By what date should syllabi be turned in?

The Academic Senate Policy Statement 11-07 states that syllabi should be turned in to University 
Archives by Census. The Fall 2022 Census date is Monday, September 19th, 2022. Departments are also 
required to maintain a record of the last 5 years of their syllabi within their department. Please 
note, we do not collect or maintain department SCO’s.


How do I submit syllabi to University Archives? What format do you accept?

Syllabi can be turned in to Archives via an emailed OneDrive/SharePoint folder link sent to or other digital means. Please email with 
questions about your options.

  • Please make sure the files can be opened in Word or Adobe PDF.
  • If your College has multiple departments submitted together, we appreciate if the departments are separated into individual folders. For example, within the College of Business Administration, the files would be separated into folders labeled: HRM, SCM, ACCT, BLAW, etc…
  • We rename over 9,000 files each semester. If possible, please ask your faculty to rename their own syllabi before submitting. However, we will accept all syllabi that are given to us, even if you have already organized and labeled the files using a different convention. Here is an example of an ideally labeled file name: CBA_100-01_2022_FA_Professorslastname

Why do we have to turn in all the syllabi from every department?

The syllabi are one of the most frequently requested items that are housed in University Archives. 
Below are a few examples of what they are used for:

  • Students applying to new schools and programs use the syllabi to prove what material they have already learned so they don’t have to repeat a course. Universities review course equivalencies for transfers.
  • Departments request old syllabi for course creation, review, or for new professors.
  • Syllabi may be used during the accreditation process.


Whom do I contact if I have any questions?

Heather Steele Gajewski 🞟 🞟 Ext. 5-1580

Chloé Pascual 🞟 🞟 Ext. 5-1895


Thank you for your effort in turning the syllabi into University Archives. You are helping us take 
care of the needs of CSULB students, alumni, and the community.