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Information Ethics for Faculty: Home

Funded by the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership, this guide provides real tools for faculty to create their own anti-plagiarism modules.

CSULB plagiarism & cheating policy


Plagarisim is evil.  It is theft.  Is is dishonest and it is patently wrong.

Most students will agree with that statement in theory, but agreeing with that statement in practice is another matter entirely.

Using information in an ethical way is a priority at CSULB.  Communicating the nuances of information eithics to students in the age of digital information can be quite taxing.  The devil is truly in the details.  Making students understand not only the mechanics of avoiding plagarism but the philisophy of why plagairism is bad is labor intensive and frustrating.

This guide seeks to assist.  By providing actual content to share with students, faculty can create their own information ethics module that can be easily used and incorporated into their classroom pedagogy.

Feel free to browse the site and use the information at will!