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Business Research Toolkit: Company Research

Company Directories

Tips for Doing Company Research

Finding company information can be challenging, but the databases listed here will help. In these databases, you will find company reports and profiles that contain company overviews, business descriptions, leadership information, operations and strategy information, company news, and annual reports.

Publically traded companies are required to file Annual Reports (SEC filings) to the government, which are especially good sources to gather information on a company's operations and strategy. Companies are not required to outline their organizational structure, but this information is sometimes included in a company's Annual Report. 

You can also find company information in articles from magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and trade publications. These can be good sources for the most recent company news and can provide information on a company's operations and strategy

Company websites are among the top sources for conducting research on a company. This is most true for private companies because they are not required to file detailed reports to the government. A company's website will usually be the best place to find its mission statement