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Citing Guide for Business (APA 7th ed.)

APA Style & Business Sources

Please Note:

  • This guide is an adaptation of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.), not a substitute for it.  Because the APA Manual does not provide citing examples for unique business sources, such as an annual report or company profile, some of the examples in the "Citing Guide for Business" are based on an interpretation of the APA guidelines. 
  • For some sources, you may need to consult the APA Manual and interpret the rules to the best of your own ability. 

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This research guide is adapted from APA 7th edition citation for business sources

Schemm, N., Dellenbach, M., Grisham, Z., Hageman, M., Tingle, N., Trowbridge, M., & Wheatley, A. (2020). APA 7th ed. citation for business sources