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CHE 100: Technical information

Guide to support the library assignment for Chemical Engineering 100

Online Resources

Key References

The list below consists of key PRINT reference for this assignment. The Reference Collection is on the first floor of the library. 

You may photocopy or scan pages on your product. Cannot check out these books. Ask student assistants at the computer desk if you need assistance.

  • Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 8th edition, REF Q121 M3 1997 (20 vols.)
  • R. N. Shreve, Chemical Process Industries, 5th ed., RESERVES TP145 .S5 1984 ( Request at the Circulation Desk).
  • Encyclopedia of chemical processing and design, REF TP9 .E66 1976-2002



OneSearch: Everything


OneSearch searches our catalog for books and many of our full-text databases and online journals. 

Once you have searched the chemical engineering resources mentioned on this page, you can supplement your research by searching for books, and journal articles using OneSearch. You will find more information on the history of the product, manufacturing, production manufacturing, toxicity, pollution etc and current information on companies, markets and prices (in journal articles) for your assigned chemical product.

Example: zinc AND (price* OR manufactur* OR production OR economic* OR market)

Note: AND and OR must be in caps for OneSearch (but not necessary for other databases).

OneSearch yields a lot of results!  Many may be too specific for this assignment but see if you can find some more general, business and economic information on your product with the search strategy shown above.

Limit by "date" to find the most up-to-date information.