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Check Out the Library Canvas Course - What Is It?

This guide explains what the "Check Out the Library" Canvas Course is and how the course can help students learn the basics of using the CSULB Library in an asynchronous, non-credit-bearing environment.

Course Basics

The CSULB University Library now offers the Check Out the Library Canvas Course. The Course is present on the Canvas Dashboard of every student enrolled at CSULB. It functions as an asynchronous, non-credit-bearing support to student use of Library resources. 

The information below is given on the "About This Course" page of the Course:

Hello and Welcome from the CSULB University Library! You are in the Check Out the Library Course! This is an asynchronous, non-credit-bearing course. Your Librarians made this Course to help you learn how to use the Library at your own pace!

Here's what you need to know before you explore:

    • Our Check Out the Library Course is a fully asynchronous and self-directed Canvas Course.
      • You can explore the Modules in any order you like!
    • Our Course is informational ONLY. It is a non-credit-bearing course. 
      • Our Check Out the Library Course is meant to support your independent use of the Library for your research, assignments, and projects. 
      • Quizzes and Knowledge Checks DO NOT count towards your graduation.
        • However, instructors may choose to ask you to complete any of the Modules for their class.
          • If you are asked to complete Modules for your class, take our Course 🎓 Quizzes.
          • Results will show up in your Grade Book for this Check Out the Library Course, and you can print them as proof for your instructors.
  1. Our Check Out the Library Course is accessible in your Canvas Dashboard throughout your enrollment here at CSULB!

Come back here anytime to learn more about using your Library!

How to have students show you their grades from the Check Out the Library Course Quizzes:

Students can print their grades (on paper or as PDFs to send to you) inside their Grades for the course. I was a student at LBCC for FA23, so I have attached a screenshot here of what the Gradebook inside my Excel course looks like. At the top right corner, you will find the button "Print Grades." 

So, the steps for students are:

  1. Open the Check Out the Library Canvas Course

  2. Select Grades on the Left-Side

  3. Select Print Grades - print as a PDF and then email to your professor

Canvas Print Grades Button

Screenshot Highlights of Course

Canvas Card

How the Course appears on the Canvas Dashboard. All enrolled CSULB students have this Course on their Dashboard.

Home Page of Course

All of the Modules and supporting information listed here. The Modules are: Start Here | Welcome to the Library | Access Your Library Account | Get Research Help | Find an Article | Find a Book | Cite Your Sources | Print, Copy, and Scan | Deep Dive Documents (a repository of information) | Tell Us What You Think (feedback survey which everyone is encouraged to take.)

Check Out the Library Homepage

About This Course

Describes what the Course is all about and clarifies that it is not related to their GPA unless requested. Please encourage students to watch the Video. It explains how to navigate through the Course.

Meet the Librarians links

Meet Your Librarians

The Avatars link-out to our Library Guides.

Example of Module

Example Module

Each Module has Knowledge Checks and Quizzes. Grades for the Quizzes are recorded in the student's Gradebook but do not have any bearing on their GPA unless required or offered for credit by another faculty. In other words, any faculty can offer these modules as credit-bearing in their own class. The student's gradebook will show proof of completion. 

Important Information

The information in these modules is helpful to all students, faculty, and staff to better understand and use Library services and materials. 

At this time, Faculty and Staff who would like our Course available on their own Dashboards must request this access via the Reference and Instruction Curriculum Committee (RICC) of the University Library. Please email RICC's Chair, Dr. Alexis Pavenick, to request access to the class. You will be enrolled as a Student.