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Video Tutorial Collection: Citation Help

A central depository of various video tutorials

Note About Videos

EndNote and Zotero citation management software are featured here. 

Some of the videos included here have background music with no voiceover. Please activate closed captioning before beginning a video.

How to Enter EndNote Web

EndNote Web Video Tutorials

EndNote (4)

Using EndNote Web Citation Manager with Dr. P.

This video looks at the basics of using Clarivate's EndNote Web citation manager. Citation managers can be used to collect information about your research, as well as store your PDFs. This video references Step Four (4) of my Steps to Research Handout or my Steps to Research Handout - ADA Version

To learn how to sign up for EndNote Web, please see this video: Signing In to EndNote Web

Importing Google Scholar Citations


Word Doc & MLA Style (8)

MLA Works Cited & Setting Up an MS Word Doc in MLA Style with Dr. P.

This video looks at how to use MS Word to set up an MLA Style document for your assignment. MS Word can be accessed through MS Office 365 (Microsoft Office 365). It references Step 8 on my Steps to Research Handout or my Steps to Research Handout - ADA Version.

Please note, the style of an MLA paper has 1 inch margins on all sides. To indent, MLA recommends the using “Tab” key as opposed to pushing the space bar five times. 

To skip ahead, here are some useful breakpoints:

  • Access/Download Office 365 via MyCSULB (for students/faculty of CSULB): 0:30 / 1:11
  • Set up a Word Doc for MLA Style: 1:47
  • Specifics of the first page of your essay: 3:07
  • Set Up Header: 5:08
  • Set Up Works Cited page: 6:40

which includes...

  • Copy and Paste from a citation button - EBSCO: 7:03
  • Merge Formatting from your paste into your font style: 8:00
  • Using a template to check your citations: 8:46
  • Copy and Paste from a citation button - OneSearch: 11:10
  • Add a link to your citation: 11:45
  • Organizing your citations alphabetically: 12:10

Zotero: Introduction

Zotero: Collect Bibliographic Records

Zotero & MS Word