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OneSearch @ CSULB: When/When Not to Use OneSearch

When to Use OneSearch

Use OneSearch...

  • as an alternative to Google - easy searching but with more credible results, including library-approved web sites
  • when you are first starting your research
  • to see how much information is available on your topic
  • to discover the different types of resources the library has available on your topic
  • to quickly browse available resources 

When Not to Use OneSearch

Though OneSearch can do many things, there are currently some instances when OneSearch is not the best resource to use, like:

  • when you need to use highly controlled vocabulary, e.g. database-specific subject terms;
  • when you are searching for historical newspaper articles;
  • when you are looking for country, company and industry reports, typically found in business databases; and
  • when you are looking for legal research, specifically legal journal titles, case reports and legislation.

In these cases use Library Databases instead: