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Book Reviews

Tips to find book reviews in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Tips for Finding Book Reviews

  1. Find Date of Publication.
    What is the original, first printing, date the book was published?

    1. Check the book you want to review. Look at the title page, or the backside of the title page. What is the earliest date you see? Look for the earliest date the book was published because that is likely when most of the reviews were written. Beware if a book is reprinted from an earlier edition,  or may have first appeared in another country, or now is in paperback, you need to find the date of first publication. If you cannot find the date, check the book title in OneSearch and see what year the book was published.

  2. Find the First Named Author (or Editor) of the Book.

    1. This may also be found inside the title page or on the cover of the book. If in doubt, check OneSearch to verify author and date.

  3. Take the Earliest Publication Date (e.g. 1968) and Add One or Two Years. (e.g. 1968-1970)
    You will be looking in book review indexes and databases for the few years surrounding publication. This is because it sometimes takes a few months to a  few years before a title gets reviewed in magazines, newspapers or journals.

  4. Based on all that info, choose a database on the right to search, using your books title and author, and limiting the years searched.

Books Published AFTER 1900

Books Published BEFORE 1899

Print Review Sources

Looking for reviews of older books?  These print indexes located in the library might help you find what you are looking for.

Other Review Sites