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Citing Guide for Business (APA 7th ed.): Reference List Citations

The research guide is a concise resource to help you implement APA Style 7th ed. guidelines. It covers formatting in-text citations and reference lists, providing clear examples for both.

Reference List Citations

One of the essential components of a well-formatted APA paper is the reference list, which appears at the end of your work. The reference list provides a comprehensive record of all the sources you cited throughout your paper, allowing your readers to locate and consult the original materials.

Zak, P. (2020). Empathy enhancing antidotes for interpersonally toxic leaders. Consulting and Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 72(2), 119–133.


Want more information? Visit the Reference Examples webpage from APA.

Important Terms

Reference list: A complete list of the sources an author refers to in their paper. This list goes at the end of the paper.

Source type: The category that represents who created and published a source, such as a newspaper, magazine, or scholarly journal. 

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