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BIOL 696 Research Design and Ethics

Unlock your research superpowers! Level up your research skills and boost your success in class with expert tips, top-notch resources, and game-changing strategies.



  1.  Database Tutorials highlight basic search techniques and recommended filters in top recommended databases for your field of research
  2. MeSH is used to find the definition, synonyms, more specific, or broader terms to search, or you can build your MeSH term(s) search in PubMed
  3. Databases for Literature Review are recommended for finding the material types you need for identifying your topic, and performing a review of the literature
  4. Subject Databases are recommended for your field and the same basic search techniques may apply
  5. Cited Reference Searching is a search technique to help you find the most authors, material types, titles, etc... related to your research topic
  6. Clinical Queries in PubMed allow you to  filter one search by three clinical research areas: Clinical Study Categories, Systematic Reviews or Medical Genetics. 
  7. Filter by Research Methodology by using pscINFO filters
  8. Get the Full-Text illustrates how to find the pdf, or other possible access options to the materials your find in your search