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Health Science

This research guide is created specifically for Health Science Courses and topics such as Human Sexuality, Health Disparities and Medical Terminology. It will help with library resources like finding articles, using databases, and much more!

Health Disparities

Health disparities are health differences between different groups of people. These health differences may include:

  • How many people get certain diseases
  • How severe the diseases are
  • How many people have complications because of the diseases
  • How many people die from a disease
  • Whether people can get health care
  • How many people get screened for a disease

These groups of people may be based on:

  • Race, Ethnicity, Immigrant status, Disability, Sex or gender, Sexual orientation, 
  • Geography, Income, Level of education

*NIH: National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

Health Disparity Online resources

Additional Resources

Finding and Using Health Data and Stats

As you are approaching your research question, consider various questions to determine the best health data/statistical source for you: 

  • Is there a government agency or organization that would collect your data?  
  • What type of data are you looking for? Demographic? Health?
  • How current does your data have to be? Historical or Current?