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Chatbots and Beyond: A Guide about AI Technologies

Considerations and updates about Artificial Intelligence applications for natural language processing, such as Chat GPT, Microsoft's Bing and Copilot, and Google's Gemini. General information about Artificial Intelligence is also provided.

Guidelines for Using AI at CSULB

Remember - each individual instructor of each class determines whether students may use information generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the class and how that AI content may be used for assignments, if at all.

Why is this? As noted at the beginning of the Student Guidelines to AI, students come to CSULB to learn how to access, process, analyze, and comprehend new information. In other words, a primary goal of being a student is to learn to think on your own about points of information, generate your own ideas about that information, and write and speak those ideas through your own skillsets in response to assignment prompts. There are many outcomes of attending and completing a degree program at CSULB. All of these outcomes include students learning how to gather information to analyze it in order to grow their intellect, think for themselves, and express themselves authentically. There is no authentic process of understanding or self-expression in the results of an AI query. It may sound or read like what you want to say, but it is in no way you saying it.

In other words, AI generated content does not and cannot express your authentic self. Using AI generated content in an assignment is identical to using someone else's words and ideas. AI's content is not your personal, authentic expression, even if you pay for an AI service. Paying for a service to write for you, to generate answers for you, is identical to paying a human to do the same thing for you. A lack of proper citation of the actual author of information is plagiarism. Plagiarism at CSULB is against our Academic Integrity Policy.

Guides to Avoid Plagiarism

US Copyright Policy and AI


I would like to thank University of California, San Diego's Library for the work they did finding references I have used in this Library Guide. Below is a citation for that work in MLA Style.

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