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Government Information

This guide is designed to be an introduction to government information available at the CSULB University Library and what is available for free through the Internet.

Basic Citation Format

The following examples, based on The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources: A Manual for Writers and Librarians (Revised Edition), are provided to act as a guide for creating your own bibliographies.


Issuing Agency. Title by author. Edition. Place: Publisher, Date. (Series). (Notes including SuDoc number).


U.S. Department of Education. National Institute of Postsecondary Education, Libraries, and Lifelong Learning. Women's Colleges in the United States: History, Issues, and Challenges by Irene Harwarth et al. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1997. (ED 1.302:W 84/4).


Smithsonian Institution. Oligocene Echinoids of North Carolina by Porter M. Kier. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1997. (Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology No. 83). (SI 1.30:83).

Journal Articles

Author. "Article Title," Periodical Title Volume:Issue (Date) Page Numbers. (Notes including SuDoc number).


Schrammel, Kurt. "Comparing the Labor Market Success of Young Adults from Two Generations," Monthly Labor Review 121:2 (February 1998) 3-9.


"Tackling Ticks that Spread Lyme Disease," Agricultural Research 46:3 (March 1998) 22-24. (A 77.12:46/3).

Online Resources

Issuing Agency. Title. (Type of medium). Edition. Place: Publisher (if other than the issuing agency), Date. Available: URL. Referenced: Date.


Congressional Budget Office. Water Use Conflicts in the West: Implications of Reforming the Bureau of Reclamation's Water Supply Policies. (Online). August 1997. Available: Referenced: May 20, 1998.


United States. Senate. Committee on Environment and Public Works. Subcommittee on Clean Air, Wetlands, Private Property and Nuclear Safety. Ozone and Particulate Matter Research Act of 1997 Hearings, 22 October 1997. (Online). Government Printing Office, 1998. Available: Referenced: May 20, 1998.

Report or Informative Document:

United Nations. (1991). Consequences of rapid population growth in developing countries. New York, NY: Taylor.

Government Hearings:

Hearings on the "Equal Rights" Amendment: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments of the Committee on the Judiciary, 91st Cong. 1 (1970).

DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc

Issuing Agency. Title. Available on: Issuing Agency (if different). Title. (Type of medium). Edition. Place: Publisher (if different), Date. (Series). (Notes including SuDoc number).


U.S. International Trade Administration. A Basic Guide to Exporting, 1992. Available on: U.S. Department of Commerce. Economics and Statistics Administration. Office of Business Analysis. NTDB: National Trade Data Bank. (CD-ROM). Washington, March 1998. (C 1.88:998/3)