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Long Beach and Local History: Rosie the Riveter


Items Within the Library and Online for Finding Rosie the Riveter Research in California and Across the U.S.

Media, Film

Library Special Collections, 3rd Floor

The Rosie the Riveter Collection: World War II Era. (Oral Histories, Paper Files)

The collection provides a firsthand account of American women's experiences as defense workers during WWII. CSULB oral historian, Sherna Berger Gluck, directed extensive interviews with over forty "Rosie the Riveters," focusing on the long-term effects of their wartime work experience


Books In Our Library

To find books in our library, mark the circle next to BOOKS & MEDIA CSULB
Below are a few books we have in our library

Google books

Here is a list of books on Rosie the Riveter from Google Books. Note the items that say "preview" or "read". You may be able to browse significant portions of some books in these cases.

Google Historical Newspapers

These two links list articles found in Google News Archive which will find full text facsimile articles from around the nation. Unfortunately you can't limit by date or sort by date.  But you may find some articles from the WWII period.