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MLA Style 8th Edition - Overview & Basics: Citation Resources and Managers

This guide gives a brief overview and useful links to understanding the MLA Style structure changes in the 8th Edition.

Citation Help Links

There are more styles than just MLA, and you may use other styles often in classes outside of ENGL. Here are some links that can help!

Citation Management Software Information

Please Note: CSULB no longer has any subscriptions for faculty or students to citation management software.


Here are some useful links about the different citation software available for purchase. 

This link from Portland State University presents a really nice overview and comparison between EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley.

This link has details and FAQs about RefWorks.

Help Using Citation Managers

CSULB Librarians Khue Duong and Alexis Pavenick are familiar with some citation management software.

Khue offers workshops and has library guides & videos about using Zotero.

Alexis offers workshops and has library guides & videos about using EndNote.