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Librarians Recommend: Fiction

The librarians of CSU Long Beach share what they've been reading

Cathy Outten

Cathy Outten is the Children's Literature librarian at CSULB.  She sometimes reads books for grown-ups too.

Tiffini Travis

Tiffini Travis is the Communication Studies librarian at CSULB.

Prince Lestat
Zombie Fallout 2: A Plague Upon Your Family
The Seventh Sinner
The China Study Cookbook: Over 120 Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes

Tiffini's favorite books »

Karin Griffin

Karin Griffin is the Education librarian at CSULB.

Carol Perruso

Carol Perruso is the Journalism librarian at CSULB.

Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson is the Business librarian at CSULB.

Chloé Pascual

Chloe Pascaul is the Special Collections librarian at CSULB.

Khue Duong

Khue Duong is a Science librarian at CSULB.

Joseph Aubele

Joseph Aubele librarian for the Gerontology, Human Development, Psychology, and Social Work departments at CSULB.