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World History: Find Books / Ebooks

Tips to Find Books Containing Primary Sources

In the OneSearch catalog, if you use certain subject keywords you will likely find original or PRIMARY SOURCES. See these examples of ONE SEARCH subject keyword techniques

To find original documents in books, use SOURCES

For first hand accounts use PERSONAL NARRATIVES or DIARIES or INTERVIEWS

See this page for more examples

  Subject Call Numbers for World History

If you'd like to browse for history books, they are generally found on the 2nd floor of the Library. See these broad call number ranges:

  • Africa  --  DT
  • Asia  --  DS
  • Canada, British America  --  F1001 - F1145
  • Central America  --  F1420 -  F1440
  • Central Asia  --  DS327 - DS329.4
  • Central Europe  --  DAW
  • East Africa  --  DT356 - DT469
  • East Asia, Far East  --  DS501 - DS518.9
  • Eastern Europe (General)  --  DJK
  • Europe, Countries  --  DA - DR
  • Greco-Roman World  --  DE
  • History (General)  --  D
  • India, South Asia  --  DS331 - DS349.9
  • Latin America  -- F1201 -  F3799
  • Low Countries - Benelux Countries  --  DH
  • Middle East  --  DS35 - DS326
  • North Africa  -- DT160 - DT77
  • Northern Europe. Scandinavia  --  DL
  • Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland  -- DK
  • South America  --  F2101 - F3799
  • Southeast Asia  --  DS520 - DS560.72
  • Southern Africa  --  DT1001 -  DT2490
  • West Africa  --  DT470 - DT671

  Assists in Finding Books


Logo of the LINK+ interlibrary loan network

Need a book the Library doesn't have? 

Request it through Link+

Books arrive at the CSULB Library within 2-4 business days and you get an email. 

You can get to Link+ directly from your OneSearch query results.  If we don't have the book or it is checked out, login to OneSearch and take the link for Link+ under Request Options. Or do your search directly in Link+.

Find out more on the interlibrary services page.