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World History: U.S. Historical Newspapers in the Library

Historical U.S. Newspapers Available in the Library Microfilm, Arranged by STATE

Rolling Stone (later years available online) US. 1967-1991 Popular culture, music
Arkansas Gazette US. Ark. Little Rock 1/1905-4/1905  

Long Beach Press
(Merged with, Long Beach Daily Telegram to form Long Beach Daily Press)
(Continued by, Long Beach Daily Press)

US. Calif. Long Beach 1/22/1901-12/31/1915  
Long Beach Daily Telegram
(Merged with, Long Beach Press to form Long Beach Daily Press)
(Continued by, Long Beach Daily Press)
US. Calif. Long Beach 12/16/1904-7/16/1916  
Long Beach Daily Press
(Merged from: Long Beach Press and Long Beach Daily Telegram)
(Continued by, Long Beach Press Telegram
US. Calif. Long Beach 11/4/1919-9/9/1924  



Long Beach Press Telegram
(Continues, Long Beach Daily Press)

See California Newspaper Archive for online Long Beach newspapers 1938-1977.

US. Calif. Long Beach

9/10/1924-1/15/1930; 10/1/1938-6/30/1947

And most recent two weeks in paper

Long Beach Labor News
(Labor News, Long Beach)

US. Calif. Long Beach

Viking (Long Beach City College) US. Calif. Long Beach (City College) 1927-1938; 1948-1982 LB Community College Newspaper
(Daily Forty Niner)
US. Calif. Long Beach, CSULB 11/1949 - 2011
Unbound latest
Index in SPEC and REF

Los Angeles Sentinel 

available online after 1991

US. Calif. Los Angeles 1968-1970 African-American Newspaper

Los Angeles Times

US. Calif. Los Angeles

Available Online Historic Los Angeles Times 1881-1992  

Available online in Newsstand from 1985 to date.

In lower level microfilm 1992-2009

Latest month, unbound in lower level

Los Angeles Free Press US. Calif. Los Angeles 5/1964-6/1969 Underground Newspaper, Counterculture
Venice Evening Vanguard
(Evening vanguard, Venice vanguard, Venice Daily Vanguard, Evening Vanguard-Sun)
US. Calif. Los Angeles, Venice 1911-1940  
Free Venice Beachhead
On M’film call # AP2 F87
US. Calif. Los Angeles, Venice

M'film: 1968-83;

AP2 .F87

Underground newspaper
Pacific Citizen US. Calif. Los Angeles.
1942-1989 Japanese American Newspaper
Rafu Shimpo
(L.A. Japanese Daily, L.A. Japanese Daily News, Los Angeles Japanese Daily News)
US. Calif. Los Angeles. Japanese-Americans 1914-1969 In Japanese and English
Japanese-American Newspaper
Sacramento Bee US. Calif. Sacramento 1973-1992
Sacramento Union
(Record Union, Sacramento Daily Record Union, Sacramento Sunday Union, Daily Union (Sacramento, Calif.), Sacramento Steamer Union)
US. Calif. Sacramento

1851-1916;  1906 - 1916

Alta California
(Weekly Alta California, Daily Alta California
Absorbed, Steamer Placer Times and Transcript
US. Calif. San Francisco 1849-6/1891  
California Star US. Calif. San Francisco 1/9/1847-1848  
San Francisco Chronicle
(San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle, Daily Dramatic Chronicle, Daily Morning Chronicle)
US. Calif. San Francisco 1865-1922   
(Bulletin, San Francisco, Calif.)
US. Calif. San Francisco 1/2/1906-1917  
Pacific Appeal US. Calif. San Francisco, African-Americans 1862-1880 African American Newspaper
M’film E185.5 E44
US. Calif. San Francisco, African-Americans 1865-1898 African-American Newspaper
Pioneer and Historical Review
continues Pioneer (San Jose, Calif.)
US. Calif. Santa Clara

m'film 1898 - 1901; Special Coll, 1898-1900 

(cont’d by Pioneer and Historical Review)
US. Calif. Santa Clara, & San Jose m'film; 1877-1898 also in Special Collections  
Equal Rights Expositor
(Visalia Equal Rights Expositor)
US. Calif. Visalia 1862-3/5/1865  
Victor Daily Record
(Cripple Creek CO. Times)
US. Colo. Victor 1900-1905  
Gate City Guardian US. Georgia. Atlanta 2/21/1861-3/3/1861  
Southern Confederacy US. Georgia. Atlanta, Macon 4/1861-2/1865  
Owyhee Avalanche
(Idaho Avalanche, Silver City Nugget, Owyhee Nugget)
US. Idaho. Silver City 1893-1904  
New Orleans Bee
(Daily Bee, Abeille, New Orleans Daily Bee)
US. Louisiana. New Orleans 9/4/1827-12/27/1923 In French and English
Baltimore American
(American & Commercial Daily, American & Commercial Daily Advertiser, American & Daily Advertiser)
US. Maryland.


Boston Evening Transcript
(Daily Evening Transcript, Boston Daily Evening Transcript
US. Mass. Boston 7/1848-1915  
Christian Science Monitor US. Mass. Boston 1960-1992;
Latest unbound
Index in REF, 1969-
Daily Territorial Enterprise US. Nev. Carson City, & Virginia City 12/17/1859-1900  
Daily News
US. New York. 1928-1934  
(Continued by, New Militant)
US. New York. Communism 1931-1934 Communist League of America
National Principia (Apr-Jun, 1866)
New York Principia (Jan-Mar, 1866)
Principia & National Era (Jun-Jul, 1865)
Principia. (Nov 1859-Aug 1864)
US. New York. African-Americans

Bound:1859 1866 (In ORCA)   Also in  M'film,  1866 (some gaps)

Anti-Slavery Newspaper       African-Americans

New Militant
(continues, Militant)
US. New York. Communism 1934-1936 Worker’s Party of the U.S.
New York Times, available online 1851-2012 US. New York. 1851- 2007. Index in REF, 1851-
Wall Street Journal US. New York.

1889 - to  2010 on m'film.

Available online 1984 to date.
Albany Evening Journal (Evening Journal, Albany Journal) US. New York. Albany 3/22/1830-1865  
Daily Journal US. North Carolina. Wilmington 9/8/1851-1877  
Pennsylvania Freeman
(The Freeman)
US. Penn. Philadelphia
1836-1841; 1844-1854 Anti-Slavery Society of PA.
Pennsylvania Gazette
(Pennsylvania Gazette and Daily Advertiser)
US. Penn. Philadelphia 12/24/1728-10/11/1815

Benjamin Franklin, pub. 1730-1750

Philadelphia Inquirer US. Penn. Philadelphia 1860-1925  
Saturday Pennsylvania Gazette US. Penn. Philadelphia 1827-1828  
Aurora General Advertiser
(General Aurora Advertiser, General Advertiser)
US. Penn. Philadelphia 1790 - 1812  
Pittsburgh Courier US. Penn. Pittsburgh. 1923-1996 African-American Newspaper
Miners Journal
(Daily Miners Journal, Miners Daily Journal, Weekly Miners Journal)
US. Penn. Pottsville 1825-1836; 1838-1862; 1864-1874; 1877-1896 Coal Miners--Pennsylvania
Charleston Mercury
(Continues, Charleston Mercury and Morning Advertiser)
US. South Carolina. Charleston 5/16/1826-1868  
South Carolina Gazette US. South Carolina: Charleston 1732-1775)  
South Carolina and American General Gazette US. South Carolina. Charleston 1769-1781  
South Carolina Newspapers
(Gazette of the State of South Carolina)
US. South Carolina. Charleston 1777-1780  
Charleston Daily Courier
(Charleston Courier)
US. South Carolina. Charleston 1803-5/5/1873  
Charleston Mercury and Morning Advertiser
(continued by, Charleston Mercury)
US. South Carolina. Charleston 1822-5/15/1826  
South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal US. South Carolina. Charleston 1765-1775  
South Carolina Charleston Gazette US. South Carolina. Charleston 1778-1780  
Royal Gazette US. South Carolina. Charleston 1781-1782  
Japanese Camp Papers US. Various Places 4/1942-7/1945 Japanese-Americans In English with some Japanese
Virginia Gazette US. Virginia. Richmond & Williamsbrgh 1736-1780 Have index


Congressional Globe
(The Globe, Washington DC)
US. Washington. DC 1833 - 1873  Congressional News
Washington Post US. Washington DC 1979 - 2005 Have index in Library

U.S. Historical Newspapers Online