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Creating a Reference List

Works Cited

When writing a paper, you will collect articles and books on your topic that you use to inform your writing.  You need to include the citation information for all of these items in your Reference List (sometimes called Works Cited, or Bibliogrpahy)

Citations include all of the information about the source, including:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publication (Journal) Title
  • Date
  • Volume/Issue
  • Page numbers

You will use a citation style as designated by your professor, for example APA or MLA format.

Use the links below to find help on citing.

Citing in APA 7th Edition

Citing in MLA 8th Edition

If you find your article in one of the recommended databases, there is an option on the right to Cite your article.  Click that and choose APA format to get what you need for your works cited section of your paper.