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Cookery & Culinary Arts: Citing/Writing

This information in this guide was originally written by Tracey Mayfield and has been updated and adapted by Karin Griffin.

CSULB's Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

CSULB's  Cheating and Plagiarism policy is found in the CSULB University Catalog. Here is the introduction to the policy:

"It is the policy of the faculty and administration to deal effectively with the student who practices cheating or plagiarism. These acts are fundamentally destructive of the process of education and the confident evaluation of a student's mastery over a subject. A University maintains respect and functions successfully within the larger community when its reputation is built on honesty. By the same token, each student benefits in helping to maintain the integrity of the University. This policy, therefore, provides for a variety of faculty actions including those which may lead to the assignment of a failing grade for a course and for administrative actions which may lead to dismissal from the University. This document is written with the intent to support the traditional values that students are on their honor to perform their academic duties in an ethical manner."

APA Tutorial & Guide

Citing Information Sources

For examples of various citation styles click on the following link:

Citation Managers