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SCED Science Education Subject Guide

A guide for finding Science Education information to support your academic research and coursework

Research Instruments: Surveys, Questionnaires, etc.


Use ERIC Institute of Education Sciences to find specific tests, research instruments, test reviews, or tests used for specific variable(s)

Find a specific Test, Test Reviews, or Test for a Variable

  • Search by instrument name or acronym
  • Use the limiters on the left.  For example: Publication Date, Descriptor, Source, Publication Type, Educational Level, Location, etc...


Also Useful:

Find a specific Test:

Search by instrument name or acronym and limit to Publication Type: Tests / Questionnaires [articles where an instrument is included]

Find Test for a Variable

Search by keyword and limit results to Document type: Test / Questionnaires

Find Test Reviews 

  • Search by instrument name and additional keyword or thesaurus terms.
  • From the drop-down to the right of the search box select the Descriptors field and use terms such as: test validity, content validity, construct validity, external validity, reliability, inter-rater reliability, observer reliability, test reliability, test reviews, etc.