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ENGR 102: Business Databases

Finding company information

Identifying companies

Start with the following databases to identify companies of interest. My selections are based on the Business Librarian's guide to Industry  Research (check her page for more details on these databases).  The video will show a quick method of identifying major companies in a field but if you want to delve further use the business librarian's instructions on finding major companies.     


Questions to ask yourself about companies

•Is it a public or private company?

•Is it part of a group of companies?

•Does it have one location or many locations

•When was it established?

•What industry sector(s) is it in?

•Who are the competitors?

•Are there any newsworthy articles about your company?

•Did it receive any big contracts recently?

•Who is the CEO and other key figures?

•How are the company’s finances? 

Finding company information

Start with the business databases below. My selections are based on the business librarian's guide to Company Research (check her page for more details on these databases)

Company Homepages

Supplement your research by finding the company’s homepage on the Internet:

  • Who is their Human Resources manager?
  • Do they have an internship program?
  • Do they have any open positions?
  • Do they have a good benefits package?
  • Are they philanthropic? (give money to charity)
  • Do they have a sustainability program?
  • Are they family-friendly?
  • Are there programs for career advancement?
  • Do they have a statement on Diversity?

About Business Industry Codes

Every company or business is part of an industry. Likewise, every product fits into an industry. Industries have been defined and codified by the U.S. federal government. Some industry information is organized by the industry code (a number) rather than the industry name. There are several ways to identify the industry and obtain the industry code. There are several major industry code systems: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) were created and are maintained by the U.S. government. When searching some business databases, you can use SIC or NAICS codes as a keyword. To find the appropriate industry code, please use the SIC and NAICS sources below

(Edited text from Nicolette Brant's research guide)