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Help with using the Library for research in Classics.

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Videos + Tutorials & Assessment

Supplemental Materials

To see all options for streaming media, check out my video Accessing eMaterials and go to TimeStamp 11:18.

Access the Library

1. Chrome is the preferred browser for our Library website.

2. Sign-In to MYCSULB: > Students > Single Sign-On (SSO) > Library Button 

Databases: Classics

Databases: Useful

Historic Texts

Early European books (EEB) and Early English Books Online (EEBO) will provide pdf full-texts of historic printings.


 The Online Medieval & Classical Library

"The Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization."  You may search by title, author, genre, or language.

 The Perseus Digital Library

Currently Perseus includes materials on Classics, Papyri [non-literary papyri from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods]; English Renaissance [primary and secondary sources in early modern English literature]; London [the Edwin C. Bolles Collection on the history of London from its founding to the 19th century]; California, the Midwest, and Chesapeake [the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection of books on these regions]; Tufts University [primary and secondary sources on the host institution]; Boyle [works and diaries of scientist Robert Boyle]; and electronic exhibits on the Olympic Games and on Hercules/Herakles."

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