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Copyright and Fair Use: Course Resources

This guide is one-stop shop for understanding Copyright and Fair Use especially in regards to legal use of teaching materials.

Why these resources help

We all have resources we have come to rely on in our courses.  Whether it is a tried and true text or a VHS from 1987.  Sometimes utilizing those materials in a modern environment can be challenging due to copyright.  The Library has tools and resources to help!  The many streaming databases we subscribe to allow you to search by topic or title, embed a link in your Beachboard course, view the transcripts, create playlists, easily cite and provide captions to thousands of educational films, documentaries, motion pictures, and much more.

Our eBook packages allow the freedom of breaking from traditional print texts and the many packages we have subscriptions to allow for utilization of eTexts across multiple disciplines!

Streaming Videos

Streaming videos are videos you view over the web, as opposed to downloading to your local device.  The Library subscribes to many packages of streaming videos and below is just a sample of the packages you have access to.  For the complete list of streaming video (and music) databases, as well as instructions on how to embed clips and create your own playlists, visit the Streaming Guide!


Coming soon.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) refers to rules media vendors put on a user's ability to save, share, or otherwise copy items from their media collections.  DRM may also include a limit on the number of users who can access the items simultaneously.  Each media collection has different DRM rules, look to their help pages to find out.