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Link to all CSULB Library's eBook collections.

Linking Library eBooks in Canvas

Faculty wanting to use eBooks in Canvas Courses:

Library ebooks are purchased by the library (and not available freely to the general public).  To provide CSULB students access to these titles, links to individual ebooks must be routed via the library's server.

To link to a library ebook yourself:

  1. Find the ebook in the Library Catalog
  2. Right-click on the "Available Online" link
  3. Choose "copy shortcut" or "copy link location"
  4. Paste the URL in your Canvas class

Note: Be aware than many e-book titles have a "1 simultaneous user" restriction where only one person can read at a time and others will have to wait until it is returned.

You may also put eBooks on Reserve for your class.

Contact your librarian for help.