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Link to all CSULB Library's eBook collections.

The Overdrive and Libby Apps

You can access some ebooks and audiobooks purchased by CSULB through either the Overdrive app, or the Libby app.  The same books are available in each app, select the one that works best for you. 

libby logo   overdrive logo

Using the Libby and OverDrive Apps

Once you have the Overdrive or Libby app on your device, open the app and add our library.  You will need your campus ID and password to log in the first time.

On the Libby app:

  1. Under Your Libraries, click Add a Library
  2. Search for Long Beach and click on California State University Long Beach
  3. Go to Add a Library Card - Use your Campus ID and password to log in
  4. Browse for titles
  5. More details are below this box

On the Overdrive app:

  1. Click Add a Library
  2. Search for CSULB; Click on California State University Long Beach Library
  3. Login with your Campus ID and Password
  4. Browse for titles
  5. More details are below this box

You are now ready to check out and download books!

Help from Overdrive/Libby:

Overdrive Help

Libby Help


More Detailed Instructions for adding CSULB to the Libby App

How to add CSULB Library to your Libby app:


In the Libby app, click Add a Library:

Libby app homescreen

Enter Long Beach in the search box:

Libby app search libraries screen

Select California State University Long Beach:

Libby app select a library screen

On the Libby App homepage, click See Library Cards:

Libby Home screen with CSULB library

Click on Enter Library Account Details:

Libby app enter library account details screen

Follow the directions to CSULB single sign on (SSO):

Libby app screen directing the user to SSO

Click Continue:

libby wants to use to sign in screen

Select Students and Employees:

CSULB SSO screen select students and employees screen

Enter your CSULB ID and password:

Campus Single Sign On form screen

Now in the Libby app you will have a Linked Card:

library card homepage in Libby app

Search for available titles, and select the one you are interested in, be sure to choose either the ebook or the audiobook:

result screen from search in Libby app

Click Borrow:

borrow screen in Libby app

For ebooks choose which format you would like, Kindle, browser, or EPUB:

borrow options screen in Libby app Kindle, browser and EPUB file

More Detailed Instructions for adding CSULB to the OverDrive App

How to add CSULB Library to your OverDrive app:

Click Add a Library:

overdrive home page arrow to add a library

Type in Long Beach and click Search:

add a library long beach search

Select California State University Library:


You will be directed to log into Single Sign On with your campus ID and password:

CSULB Single Sign On page in OverDrive

Browse the titles available from our library:

books page in OverDrive cover images

Check out the book you want:

Check out confirmation screen in OverDrive

Now you can download your ebook, or play your audiobook:

Title screen in OverDrive