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Steps to Research Videos & Tutorials

This guide offers all of Dr. P.'s videos for her Steps to Research handout, along with tutorials + assessment that help you review what you have learned.

What is a Database?

I use the term "database" often in my videos, tutorials & assessments. What does it mean? My definition is also on the Steps to Research Handout.

Database: A collection of electronic documents that may be full-text articles, full-text books, streaming videos/music, abstracts, and citations of information sources. These documents may or may not be text-searchable; items may be scans of physical documents or digitally input. Databases are created by a variety of institutions and company providers who have different interests and funding. This is why the search design & item results can be different.

*Dr. P.'s Tutorials - Videos & Assessment of Steps to Research*

Above are links to my Steps to Research Videos & Assessment, which match the lessons in my Steps to Research Handout. These videos have questions attached to them to assess your understanding. When you are finished with an assessment, you can email yourself or your professor a Certificate of Completion to show that you have completed the review. 

  • You can repeat the tutorials until you get 100% and then email the Certificate.
  • Certificates of Completion for Dr. P.'s Tutorials are not badges. The Certificates only serve to prove to your professor/instructor that you have completed the tutorials.

Take your time and watch the videos closely to answer the questions.

Find a Book on the Shelf (part of OneSearch / Step 5)

Handout & Videos



Supplemental Materials

To see all options for streaming media, check out my video Accessing eMaterials and go to TimeStamp 11:18.

Citation Help

There are more styles than just MLA, and you may use other styles often in classes outside of ENGL. Here are some links that can help!

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