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CHLS Immigration Research

This guide provides resources for doing immigration research on Latinx and Asian communities after World War II.

Primary Sources: What are they?

 Primary sources are original documents, data or first hand accounts.  A few examples of primary sources include first hand accounts such as personal narratives, letters, interviews, photographs, government statistics, music of the period, government forms, local or state propositions, legal cases, historical newspapers, etc. 

Government Documents  ::  Books  ::   Magazines & Journals  ::  Newspaper Articles :: Propositions, Law & Legal Cases :: Online Digitized Archives


Braceros being sprayed         Passport & forms


Making Sense of Primary Sources

                              Examples of primary sources

Making Sense of Documents” provide strategies for analyzing online primary materials, with interactive exercises and a guide to traditional and online sources.

Scholars in Action” segments show how scholars puzzle out the meaning of different kinds of primary sources, allowing you to try to make sense of a document yourself then providing audio clips in which leading scholars interpret the document and discuss strategies for overall analysis.

Created by the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning (Graduate Center, CUNY) and the Center for History and New Media (George Mason University).