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Linguistics: Find Books / Ebooks

This guide is designed to provide a starting point for student and faculty research in Linguistics using both electronic and print resources; those resources may be provided by the CSULB Library or maybe freely available on the Internet.

Search the Library Catalog for Books (OneSearch)

OneSearch: CSU+

Suggested Keyword Searches (optional)

How do I find books on (Subject X) in the Library?

OneSearch is the way you check for books and other items that the library owns.
Here are some helpful searches you can try in OneSearch to find topics related to (Subject X).

Using the KEYWORD  search, type in, for example: Using the SUBJECT search, type in, for example:

"code switching"

English and "second language"

English and "second language" and (writing or composition)

Spanish and verb* and language*

deaf and (language* or linguistic* or communicat*)



Code Switching (Linguistics)

Indians of North America--Languages

Second language acquisition


Discourse analysis

Sapir Whorf Hypothesis


Phonetic transcriptions 

Vietnamese language




Subject Call Numbers

The Call Numbers for the following subjects are:

P 1 - 1091  Linguistics, and general language topics

PA 1 - 8595  Greek and Latin language and literatures

PB 1 - 3029  Celtic languages

PC 1 - 5498  Romance languages

PD 1 - 7159  Germanic & Scandinavian languages

PE 1 - 3729  English languages

PF 1 - 5999  West Germanic languages

PG 1 - 9665  Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian languages and literatures

PH 1 - 5490  Finno-Ugric and Basque languages and literatures

PJ 1 - 9500  Semitic languages and literatures

PK 1 - 9601  Indo-Iranian languages and literatures

PL 1 - 8844  East Asian, African, and Oceanic languages and literatures

PM 1-9021  Hyperborean and North and South American Indian languages and literatures; Artificial languages


They are located on the 3rd floor of the library!


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