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Research strategies and databases for Philosophy

Philosophy Call Numbers

Browsing in the library stacks for Philosophy topics, they may be generally found under these broad CALL NUMBERS RANGES. Most philosophy books are found on the 2nd Floor Library.

  • Philosophy (General) -- B1 thru B5802
  • Philosophy (Ancient) -- B108 thru B708
  • Philosophy (Middle Ages) -- B720 thru B765
  • Philosophy (Renaissance) --  B770 thru B785 
  • Philosophy (Modern) -- B790 thru B5802
  • Logic -- BC1 thru B199
  • Speculative philosophy -- BD10 thru B701
  • Metaphysics -- BD95 thru BD131
  • Epistemology -- BD143 thru BD237
  • Ontology -- BD300 thru BD450
  • Cosmology -- BD493 thru BD701
  • Aesthetics  -  BH1 thru B301   
  • Ethics -- BJ1 thru B1725   

Philosophy Books

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