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Streaming Media

Link to all of our streaming videos and music.

A note about availability of content

Many of our streaming services provide a changing selection of items.  (Similar to Netflix adding and removing movies.)  Because of this it is recommended that you check each semester whether the item you plan to use in class is still available.  Items should be stable for the length of a semester.  Faculty can also place specific items in eReserves, allowing students to find them easier, and you will be notified if the content is no longer available.

Linking Library Streaming Media in Canvas/BeachBoard

These streaming media collections are purchased by the library (and not available freely to the general public).  To provide CSULB students access to these titles, links to individual media items must be routed via the library's server requiring users to log in.

To link to a whole library media collection (e.g. Naxos) rather than an individual song or video use these steps:

  1. Find the item on the Databases A to Z page.
  2. Click on the Share icon to the right of the database.
  3. Copy the URL provided.
  4. Paste the URL in BeachBoard.

To use individual items from collections, the process will differ with which collection you are using, see below for specific instructions, or contact your librarian.

Adding Items to BeachBoard

In general, to add an item, find a URL for the item and add this in front of its URL: "" .  This will prompt the user to log in with their Campus ID and MyCSULB Password to access our paid collections.  For help, contact your librarian.

Adding Academic Video Online videos to BeachBoard

To add Academic Video Online videos to BeachBoard, find the video in the Academic Video Online database.  Click Share button at the bottom of the video and copy the "Permalink" to use in Canvas or BeachBoard.

Adding Kanopy videos to BeachBoard

To add Kanopy videos to Canvas/BeachBoard, find the video in the Kanopy database.  Click Share at the bottom of the video.  Copy the Link to use in Canvas/BeachBoard. (Students will need to be on campus or logged in to the library to view the videos OR you can add "" to the beginning of the URL you place in Canvas to force the CSULB library log in to open from off-campus). FACULTY: If you plan on using a particular video in a class, it is highly recommended that you put it in Course Reserves.  Doing so will allow students to find it quickly, and you will be notified if that specific content is taken down.

Adding JoVE videos to BeachBoard

You can add specific JoVe videos to your course by finding the video in JoVE. On the right side there is a link icon that will say "share" when you roll over it.  Clicking it automatically copies the link, then you can paste it in your BeachBoard/Canvas class.

Adding NAXOS music to BeachBoard

You can add specific music to Canvas/BeachBoard from NAXOS. 

  • Search for the songs you want
  • Click the link icon at the top right right
  • Now under each song is a URL you can copy and put in Canvas or BeachBoard.
  • You must ALSO include this at the begining of the URL, so that off-campus users will be directed to log in to CSULB's access: NAXOS URL here)


screen capture of Naxos song with arrow pointing to the link icon