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How you can participate

Welcome to the library lobby!  On each of the two main pillars you will see questions you can reply to using the provided chalk markers.

Please, out of respect to everyone:

  • Keep your image smaller than a sheet of paper (to allow other students to participate)
  • Keep your answers PG
  • Use our markers (others might not erase well)

Thanks and hope you enjoy participating as much as we love reading your responses!

Check out previous posts and responses using the menu to the left.

About the Pillars

Our "Pillars of Participation" or Graffiti Pillars are a unique and engaging way to connect with our library patrons. By allowing students to leave their mark on the pillars and express themselves through art and writing, we aim to create a sense of ownership and participation in the library space. The interactivity of the pillars can also be used to facilitate discussions and sharing of ideas among library patrons. For example, students can use the pillars to recommend books to each other, share their favorite quotes or passages, ask for suggestions on what to read next, or share their most inspiring authors. This type of community engagement can foster a sense of belonging and inspire a love of reading and learning. Additionally, the pillars can serve as a visual representation of the library's connection to its patrons, showcasing the diverse perspectives and interests of the community.


The Pillars of Participation are maintained and were created by Michelle M. DeMars, MLIS our Health Sciences Librarian who is passionate about the world of art and our library. Before pursuing her career in librarianship, she spent some of her early undergraduate years as an art major, fueling her love for creativity and expression. She now channels her passion into maintaining and creating content for the Pillars with the assistance of any faculty or staff she can lure into helping her. Her dedication to the program is evident in her willingness to continually improve the content and create prompts that engage with current campus and library trends.  Michelle strives to create a visible connection between the CSULB library and students by bridging the gap between the creative and academic worlds.

Please cite!

Suggested APA attribution:

DeMars, M.M. (2022–2023). Pillars of Participation [Installation]. University Library, CSULB, Long Beach,