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ARTstor: Using Images

This guide will show you how to access and use ARTstor. It was created by Catherine Medeot of Manhattanville College Library and adapted for use by the CSULB community by Leslie Andersen.

Print Images

 Print: In the Image Viewer, click the print icon. If you chose to zoom in on detail when you were viewing the image, this is the view that will print.

Download & Save Images

 Download: Click on the download icon in the Image Viewer. ARTstor's Terms & Conditions will appear in a pop up. Click Accept and choose a location to save the image. Do not change the file name at this time - you will be able to do this once the download is complete. Along with the image file, an html image information file will also be saved.

You can also save an image detail. Once you zoom and pan and find the image detail that you like, click on the same download icon and it will save your chosen detail.

View and Explore

Images will appear in a thumbnail view once the search is complete.

View: Double-click on the thumbnail view to enlarge the image in the Image Viewer window. Click on the icons at the bottom of window in ARTstor to access the following options:

 Zoom: Click on the area of the image that you would like to see in more detail. Below is an example using Raphael's Sistine Madonna, which is presented in full at the left. The detail at the right is of the famous putti, which are located at the bottom center of the work. They are so well known on their own that many people don't realize that they are part of a larger painting.

Sistine Madonna


Detail of putti from Sistine Madonna

 Pan: To explore within an image, this icon will allow you to click and drag to see different details in the work.

 Rotate: Use this icon to turn the image around a central point. Click within the image and drag the pointer to either the right or the left.

Cite Images

For examples of how to properly cite the images you obtain from ARTstor, refer to this page. This guide also gives instructions about how to export image citations to RefWorks and other citation managers.

Share Images

For instructions about how to share images with other ARTstor users, click here.