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ARTstor: Organize

This guide will show you how to access and use ARTstor. It was created by Catherine Medeot of Manhattanville College Library and adapted for use by the CSULB community by Leslie Andersen.

Professors' Image Groups

To access an image group folder that your professor has compiled for your class: click on the red Open button in the middle of the welcome page. The folders at your institution will appear. Double-click the folder you would like to view.


Help with Groups

Click on the below link for more help with the technical aspects of creating and editing groups. You can also add personal notes.

Image Groups

Creating an image group allows you to easily keep track of important images, put together study guides for yourself and share several images at one time. You must have an ARTstor account to save images to an image group.

Save images to a group: After you search for your images, single-click the thumbnails that you want to save. Once you have selected your images, click on Organize from the navigation bar at the top and then choose "save selected images to." You can choose to save to a new image group or an existing image group.

Edit a group: To delete images from a group, click on Organize > Delete selections from image group. If you would like to rearrange the order of the images, click and drag the images. A vertical black line will indicate the new location of the image.

Print: Choose Share > Print image group and choose which format you prefer. Click print or File > Print in the new window that opens.

Locate your group: To revisit your image group during a new session, click on the red Open button in the middle of the welcome screen. "My Work Folder" is the location for your personal image groups.

Share Group

You can share your image groups the same way you share individual images. To generate an image group URL, open the group and from the navigation bar select Share > Generate image group URL. Paste address into an email, presentation or website.

Upon clicking on the link, the group will open in the image viewer window. Viewers must use the navigational arrow keys at the bottom right of their keyboards to scroll through.