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Biography: Find Biographies in Books

Online Biographical Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Available

At this link is a collection of over 400 ONLINE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARIES AND ENCYCLOPEDIAS available at CSULB. Add another keyword such as "engineering" to narrow down topic.

Tips for Finding Biographical Content in Books

Here are some other techniques to find book format BIOGRAPHIES.

  • Go to OneSearch and select Drop Down to Books/eBooks/and Media (CSULB)
  • Look for the person as a subject search, by entering the person's name preceded in the Subject drop down. words anywhere in the catalog record).

See OneSearch EXAMPLE: kennedy, john f

  • If you get too much, add the word BIOGRAPHY for more highly relevant results.

See OneSearch EXAMPLE: kennedy, john f and biography

To find AUTOBIOGRAPHIES, (a biography written about onself,) follow these steps:

   Go to OneSearch and select Drop Down to Books/eBooks/and Media (CSULB)

  • Enter the person's name and use the drop down SUBJECT. Enter the same person's name in the lower box and use AUTHOR drop down. You will find autobiographical works. 

See OneSearch EXAMPLE: reagan, ronald and reagan, ronald


Logo of the LINK+ interlibrary loan network

Need a book the Library doesn't have? 

Request it through Link+

Books arrive at the CSULB Library within 2-4 business days and you get an email. 

You can get to Link+ directly from your OneSearch query results.  If we don't have the book or it is checked out, login to OneSearch and take the link for Link+ under Request Options. Or do your search directly in Link+.

Find out more on the interlibrary services page.

  Assists in Finding Books