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Intro to Library Research

Welcome to the wonderful world of library research! 📚🌟 Whether you're a curious student or a seasoned scholar looking to expand your knowledge, the library is your best friend in this adventure.

Journal Articles, What Are They?

Scholarly articles are written by professors, scientists, and other experts in their fields to share the information they have discovered.  They are published in academic journals, and you can use the library to access them and read them.


These are some terms you will see on this guide:

Journal (Title)

Peer Reviewed




Call Number


Journal (title) - a published collection of articles (previously in print, now frequently online only)

Peer Reviewed - A premium quality journal article that has been reviewed by others knowledgeable in the field prior to publication

Database -searchable list of article titles and abstracts

Citation - identifying information of an article (title, author, etc.)

Abstract - summary of an article found at the beginning and in databases

Call Number - Number of the spine of a book or journal determining its place on the shelf

DOI - Digital Object Identifier, a unique number assigned to each online article, used to cite them