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Intro to Library Research

Welcome to the wonderful world of library research! 📚🌟 Whether you're a curious student or a seasoned scholar looking to expand your knowledge, the library is your best friend in this adventure.

How to Find an Article

  1. Choose which database to use
  2. Break search into keywords (think of as many words as you can that might appear in articles on your topic)
  3. Search  for your keywords using AND, OR, and Truncation * (e.g. coal AND climate change --- climate change OR global warming)
  4. Use limiters - use options on side or top to narrow your results
  5. Review the titles and abstracts - decide which articles are relevant to your research by looking at titles and abstracts (short summaries of the articles)
  6. Select articles to download and read, be sure to make note of all the citation information!

Recommended Databases

The library subscribes to more than 300 databases.  These are each collections of resources that you can search, from the very broad to the very specific.  Some general databases (always a good place to start) are:

If you want more specific databases, go to the Databases A to Z list (linked here and on the home page), and use the subject pull down at the top to find databases for your topic:

Search Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to search for academic articles on the web, but it may be harder to find full text.

Google Scholar Search