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Intro to Library Research

Welcome to the wonderful world of library research! 📚🌟 Whether you're a curious student or a seasoned scholar looking to expand your knowledge, the library is your best friend in this adventure.

Starting a research paper or assignment and be overwhelming at first. Here are a few steps to help you. And don't forget to give yourself plenty of time to research, write, edit, and cite!

  • Understand Your Assignment: 
    • Paper length - a short paper will require a focused idea, and a longer paper a broader one.
    • Due date(s) - make sure you give yourself ample time to explore sources and modify your topic
    • Required Sources - How many and what type of sources do you need?
  • Select A Topic
    • Brainstorm ideas
    • Consider things you are passionate about, topics discussed in class or current event
    • Once you have a topic idea, gather some background information to help you develop a research question
  • Start your research!