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Collection Development and Management Manual CSULB

Policy and procedures on collection development and management at CSULB

Collection Development Calendar Cycle 

A fiscal-year calendar has been established that provides for deadlines and benchmarks for various aspects of the collection development and management process. X Drive > Library Faculty Committees > CDMC > Collection Development Calendar.

Collection Development Calendar

July 1

  • New fiscal year begins.
  • Order processing begins for Reserve requests only.
  • Weekly accounting reports for new fiscal year start.
  • Collection Development Officer (CDO) asks Technical Services for list of books/media, requested by librarians in previous fiscal year but not ordered/paid for, so Library Faculty and other selectors can decide if they still want the titles. CDO provides deadline for review.

August 1

  • Deadline for serial cancellations for next calendar year due to Technical Services.

September 1 (est.)

  • University budget announced

October 15

  • Target date for announcement of budget allocations for books and media;

November 15 

  • Submit new subscription requests to CDO to assure Jan. 1 start.
  • Most January subscription renewals complete.

January 1

  • CDMC reviews ILL requests/ Copyright costs to evaluate serial titles for new subscriptions, then send recommendations to the CDO.

February 1

  • Target date to encumber 75% of book/non-serial funds

March 15

  • CDMC reviews standing orders on odd years for cancelation.

April 1

  • Deadline for eBook, book and media requests ordered through direct vendors (GOBI, etc.) to insure payment by end of fiscal year. 
  • Deadline for any other book and media purchases sent to CDO.
  • Reserve requests for books and media for summer classes can be sent to CDO after this date.

April 15

  • Once funds for all of the above orders are encumbered or committed, the CDO may spend remaining allocated funds on Wish List items identified as high priority by Collection Development & Management Committee, or as directed by the Dean.

April 15-May 15

  • CDO provides Library Faculty and other selectors with data for subscription review by April 15.
  • Library Faculty and other selectors review subscriptions using usage data and any other considerations to evaluate serial titles for cancelation and/or new subscriptions for next fiscal year, then send recommendations to the CDO.

May 30             

  • List of potential subscription non-renewals provided to Technical Services.
  • Most July 1 renewals complete.

June 1-15

  • University and library accounts closed; all Order requests received by Technical Services are to be paid from next fiscal year funds unless items have been received prior to June 30; if received prior to June 30 the University requires payment with current year funds.

June 30

  • End of fiscal year

CDMC Updated June 2020