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Collection Development and Management Manual CSULB

Policy and procedures on collection development and management at CSULB

History of Collection Development Manual

Manual History:

Original Document 05/20/91

Revised 1/15/97

Revised 7/28/97

 In Revision 1997/98, 1998/99--

Revised May 21, 2002

Revised 7/15/2005

Revised 2012-2013 --> 2015

Approved by CDMC 11/19/2015

Approved by Library Faculty with Dean’s Revisions 1/15/2016

Revised 5/15/2020

X:\Library Faculty Committees\CDMC\Colln Dev Documents\Manual\CD MANUAL REVISION FINAL DRAFT

Background on Collections:

Award Recognition:

Prior to 2015, there was an informal program established by former Associate Dean Henry J. Dubois.  Current program language adopted by CDMC 2015-10-29.

Children’s Collection

Approved by CDMC 5/8/2014

Critics’ Choice Collection [formerly Best Sellers and Audiobooks]

Approved by CDMC 11/06/2014

Faculty Publications

Approved CDMC 2014-05-08, Revised CDMC 2015-10-29

Government Information

2014-11-06:  Approved by CDMC.

Graphic Novels Collection

2020-4-15 Written by Cathy Outten 

Maps & Cartographic Materials

2014-04-10:  Original policy written by Greg Armento, Geography Librarian
2014-05-08:  Policy edited and approved by CDMC