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FSCI Food Science Subject Guide

A guide for finding Food Science information to support your academic research and coursework

Find Articles

Welcome to "Find Articles" – your essential hub for exploring scientific research articles. Here, you'll discover a selection of databases and strategic search tips to streamline your research.


Search Tips for Efficient Searching

Specific Keywords: Choose precise terms related to your topic, like Food Safety, e. coli, and Rapid Testing

Combine Keywords: Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to refine searches,

e.g. (Food Safety AND e. coli, AND Rapid Testing)

Synonyms and Related Terms: Expand your search with related terms or synonyms, such as using ("Food Safety" OR "Pathogen Detection") AND ("salmonella" OR "E. coli") AND ("Rapid Testing" OR Biosensors)

View the Video below: Selecting and Using Keywords