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Jewish Studies: Find Books / Ebooks

Call Numbers for Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is a highly interdisciplinary field encompassing a wide range of library book call numbers. Keeping this in mind, here are some relevant call number ranges found on CSULB Library floors

  • BM1-449  -  General Judaism  --  2nd Floor
  • BM480-488.8  -  Pre-Talmudic Jewish literature  -- 2nd Floor
  • BM495-532  -  Sources of Jewish religion, rabbinical lit.  --  2nd Floor
  • BM545-582  -  Principles of Judaism  --  2nd Floor
  • BM600-645  -  Dogmatic Judaism  --  2nd Floor
  • BM650-747  -  Practical Judaism  --  2nd Floor
  • BM750-755  -  Biography  --  2nd Floor
  • D804.15-805.7  -  Holocaust  --  2nd Floor
  • DS101-151  -  History of Israel  --  2nd Floor
  • E 184  -  Jews in the USA  --  2nd Floor
  • F 1419  -  Jews in Latin America  --  2nd Floor
  • HQ 1172  -  Jewish Women  --  3rd  Floor
  • JQ  -  Israel Politics & Government  --  3rd  Floor
  • PN 6067  -  Jewish literature  --  3rd  Floor
  • PJ4501-5192  -  Hebrew language and literature  --  3rd  Floor
  • PN 6067  -  Jewish literature  --  3rd  Floor


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