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Maps and Geographic Information Systems: Atlases

Maps and GIS

Locating Atlases in the Library

All atlases are cataloged and can be found throughout the library on several floors. Find them in several ways:

Search the CSULB OneSearch Book Catalog

  • If you know the TITLE, enter it:  "historical atlas of california"
  • Don't know the title? Enter a few KEYWORDS: "atlas and california and history"

Try these SUBJECT WORD Searches in OneSearch

Browse For Atlases by Call Number 

Atlases may be found in First Floor Reference, in the Lower Level Map Collection, the 3rd Floor Stacks, or in Storage/Orca. If you want to browse the book shelves the call number sequence will repeat in each section:

  • Africa  --  G2445 thru G2739 
  • America, Western Hemisphere  --  G1100 thru G1779
  • Antartica  --  G3100 thru G3102
  • Australasia  --  G2740 thru G2799
  • Asia  --  G2200 thru G2444.84
  • Canada  --  G1115 thru G1192
  • Caribbean Area  --  G1535 thru G1537
  • Central America  --  G1550 thru G1594
  • Eastern Hemisphere  --  G1780 thru G2799
  • Europe  --  G1791  --  G2082
  • Greenland  --  G1110 thru G1114
  • Latin America  --  G1540 thru G1542
  • Maritime Atlases  --  G1059 thru G1061
  • Mexico  --  G1545 thru G1549
  • Moon, Planets, Stars  --  G1000 thru G1000.5
  • North America  --  G1105 thru G1692
  • Northern and Southern Hemispheres  --  G1050 thru G1052
  • Oceans (General)  --  G2800 thru G3064
  • Polar Regions  --  G1054 thru G105 
  • Russia, Former Soviet Republics, USSR  --  G2110 thru G219
  • South America  --  G1700 thru G177
  • United States  --  G1200 thru G1534.24
  • West Indies  --  G1600 thru G1692
  • World Atlases  --  G1001 thru G1046