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MAE 471: Design and Analysis of Mechanical Engineering Systems I: Home

This is the first course (of a two-semester sequence) for the mechanical engineering senior design course.

Citation Styles in Engineering

There is no standard citation style that covers the whole of engineering and each of the disciplines within engineering defaults to using the style used by their major professional association for their scholarly journalsLeHigh University maintains an excellent list of engineering citation styles:

 Here at CSULB, we have been using the APA for ENGR 101 and 102.

To find information on APA and other style guides, use CSULB's Style Manual and Citations Methods guide

Why use information resources in the design process?

Information resouces play a very important role in the brainstorming process:

·        Finding alternative solutions – never one solution

·         There is no right or wrong answer to solving the problem

·         How did others solve or try to solve the problem(s)?

·         Has your problem been solved?

·         Has someone invented what you are trying to invent?

·         What is the market for your design?

Searching library databases and other information resources will assist you in trying to answer these questions.

Using an example in this session will illustrate how to use these resources.

Problem Statement

Most city buses only have space for 2 or 3 bicycles to be loaded on to the front of the bus (Example: Long Beach Transit).

How can we design  a better bike rack that can accommodate more bikes?


Search Strategy

Basic search strategy:

(bike* OR bicycle*)  AND (bus OR buses) AND rack*

As you search the various resources, keep a record of the other terms that have been used to describe your concept/invention.