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MKTG 300: Principles of Marketing

This research guide was designed for Claudia Barrulas Yefremain's F2020 MKTG 300 Course

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The Ask

Write a marketing plan for an existing business or a new business.

Step 1: Choose an Industry 

The following is a list of our Industry Research Databases. You can use them to generate ideas about what Industry you would like to explore for your project. Some ideas are: Fashion Industry, Film Industry, Mobile Phone Industry, Video Game Industry, Video Streaming Industry, Healthcare Industry, and Agricultural Industry. 

Another avenue to explore potential industries is to browse the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) website. Here, you can click on industry titles to view industry supersectors and subsectors. 

Step 2: Choose or Create a Company

To choose an existing company within an industry you can use the following databases to look at competitor lists. If you want to create your own business you can use the same lists to get some ideas.