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MKTG 300: Principles of Marketing

This research guide was designed for Claudia Barrulas Yefremain's F2020 MKTG 300 Course

Competitive Analysis 

Competitive analysis takes into consideration factors such as the market size and the market share, financial position, and reputation of key competitors. While some databases provide pre-packaged SWOT reports for various companies, not all companies are covered. Also, pre-packaged SWOT reports are usually not available for product categories or lines of business. When you cannot find a pre-packaged report, you will need to compile relevant data on current and potential customers as well as competitors. Use the following resources to find company profiles including information on key competitors, their major brands, and products:

Specialized Databases for Competitive Analysis:

Each report is different depending on the industry. Look for sections like Companies and Leading Brands.

Look for the sections Competitor Landscape and Major Companies.

MarketLine Industry Profiles include a Market Rivalry section.

Specialized Databases for Competitor Lists:

Use Mergent Online to find competitor lists. This works best if you already know a leading company within your industry that you can build a list around. 

Look for "Value Line Featured Lists" in the middle of the screen and choose an industry from the drop-down menu under "Industry Screens". Here you can find a list of companies within a chosen industry.